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Well what can I say about me... Well my name is Matthew and I am 28 years old. I own a chain of restraunts across the United States. I have 24 different locations and I run them well. The restraunts have been in my family for over 20 years and after my dad died 2 years ago they were left to me. If you are wondering who the three men in the picture are... Left is my exboyfriend John. Middle is Me. Right is one of my best friends and best employee. I believe in love everlasting and that is why i am trying to find love on this site and on many other sites because my last boyfriend and i were supposed to get married and i got home one night and i went up to our bedroom and i found him in bed with two other men and that is why i am trying to find love.
HighSchool: Eaglecrest High School
College: Colorado Mountain College, Timberline Campus
JuniorHighSchool: Campus Middle School
Music: Spanish/latino, and classical
TV: Dont watch Television
Books: Any fiction and non fiction books and also sci.fiction
Sports: i played football in high school and i also played soccer in college
Interests: reading, writing, runing, cooking, Swimming, Dancing,
Movies: Dont Watch Movies
BestFeatures: I have a hreat smile and i have hazel eyes and i am also in good shape
Dreams: to marry the man of my dreams

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