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I am 19 soon to be 20. I am VERY mature for my age and I don't play games. I am single and not really searching just browsing around while God allows my one to find me. My personality is great. I am silly and love to laugh. I love to have deep conversations face to face. I do not have any kids but I currently take care of my niece. I am a CLEAN person. Good hygiene is a must. I have a part time job working for my grandfather. I attend school at Macon State College. I have a twin sister and an older brother and sister. I've been told that I should be the older sibling because of my maturity. I know I keep mentioning how mature I am but that is because I can't stress enough how much I don't like to be played with. I've been played with one too many time and at this point in my life I NO LONGER accept it and am careful about whom I allow to be apart of my life. I attend church. I am a God fearing christian in process, meaning I'm not perfect and God isn't through with me and is still working on me. There's alot about me so you can message me or you can find me on facebook: Kimberly Marie McCary to find out more about me THANK YOU
College: Macon State College
Music: R&B!!, Gospel
TV: Bad Girls Club, Bridal shows, jersey shore, tough love, etc.
Books: Bible
Sports: idk
Interests: just looking for a friend
Movies: Madea movies, some action, horror, comedy!!!
BestFeatures: Personality, Smile, legs

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